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Escape to Charleston!

We just got back from Charleston South Carolina where we were able to spend some time with the beautiful and joyful women of Affordables Apparel … Oh did we have fun with these ladies! There was a fashion show with over 200 attendees and some shopping in between. For all of us fashionistas what is better than a fashion show and shopping with mimosas (I would personally say NOTHING)

Sylca Gold Statement Necklace Sylca Wooden Necklace in Reds Continue reading Escape to Charleston!

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Schools back in session!

schools back in session sylca blog post

Ok, so you may not be jumping up and down about school starting, but I think every girl agrees that the beginning of a new school year is a chance for a fresh start to make a statement for yourself and what better way to do that then by adding some statement jewelry to your outfit?

Statement jewelry can dress up any casual every day outfit! Look how awesome our hexagon bracelets look with a plain white tee and jeans. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!

schools back in session sylca blog post
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Autumn Vibes… See how we are getting ready for fall

It's that awkward time of year where it's still super hot outside, but all the stores are already selling jackets and sweaters, and you are just not quite ready to make the transition to fall. We recommend you take it slow and enjoy all we have left of summer!

Our friend Gabby is ready for fall! She is excited to see all the leaves change colors and the feeling of "cozy", but she is definitely not making the change over until it is cold and she absolutely has to. The outfit that she is wearing is a perfect as a transitional wardrobe all you have to do is change the green shorts for green pants and VOILA you have yourself a fall looking outfit. And once it really gets colder just put some cream color booties and you are all set 🙂

What are you guys looking forward this coming season?

We would love to see how you wear Sylca Jewelry all year-round!

Sylvia & Camila

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Who can wear Sylca?

Do you ever look at our jewelry and wonder if you could pull it off? The answer is YES.

One of the many great things about our statement jewelry is that everyone can wear it; there are no age limits! Not only does that make buying for yourself easy, but it makes buying for others easy too! Maybe you have a niece celebrating a special birthday, or a friend who just got a promotion? Statement jewelry would make the perfect gift for either!

Below we show how two completely different age groups rock our Splash of Water Geometrical Necklace and both look amazing if I do say so myself.

BeFunky Collage

So tell us, who would you buy our statement jewelry for?


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Staple pieces Become Statement pieces!

Every girls closet has that one piece of clothing that they can never get rid of. Whether it be a shirt, skirt, dress, or romper; it’s that go-to, dress up or down, staple piece that never goes out of style.

By adding a piece of statement jewelry you can turn your staple piece into a new outfit every time for any occasion!
So tell us, whats your favorite statement piece to own?
 XOXO Camila
Shop the look –
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Wearing Sylca with Jeans and Sneaks

Our favorite thing to do is to take a simple outfit and add some sass to it with one of our signature Sylca pieces. Or layer, or even two or three lightweight necklaces. Like this one!

Wearing Sylca statement jewelry with jeans

Here are five more ways to dress up your weekend jeans look (Thanks to our friends at InStyle):

1. Add a Strong-Shoulder Jacket
2. Slip on Statement Necklace and Shoe
3. Wear a Lace Top
4. Layer Chunky Knits
5. Sport Something Sparkly

How do you wear your Sylca with jeans? We want to know! Share your pics with us on

Instagram or Facebook or by emailing us at


Sylvia & Camila

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Why you should own at least one statement necklace

I don’t need to convince most of my friends that they should own at least one statement necklace… Let’s face it, these accessories are fabulous, fun, and make you feel awesome! But perhaps you know that one person who is resistant, who never strays from their old standby gold chain.


So why should every person own at least one statement necklace?

1) They project confidence

You have to be bold to wear a statement necklace, as they don’t ask for attention, they demand it. If you’re having a bad hair kind of day but have to face the world with your confident head on, then a dramatic statement necklace can save the day.

2) They are FABULOUS and inject personality

Beaded or sparkly. Metallic or wooden. Geometric or edgy.  In all shapes, in all sizes, in all styles,  the statement necklace is one fabulous piece of fashion. . It makes ordinary clothes look something special and helps the wearer inject their own personal style.

3) They’re easy to wear

Earrings can get tangled in your hair. Bracelets can annoy you when you’re typing away. Delicate necklaces can get easily broken. You get the picture!

4) They liven up an outfit

A cocktail dress, jeans and a tee, even prints and patterns! The statement necklace will help liven up every outfit.

5) They’re kid friendly

Possibly not baby-proof…  But they sure tend to be hardier to crack and break than a beloved gold chain. Yes, you might experience a few casualties, but at least you won’t lose your precious expensive pieces to gritty little hands.

6) They bring attention to your face

Statement necklaces will attract people’s attention to your neck area and then to your beautiful face. The perfect piece for when you want people to be looking at you and listening to what you have to say! Plus they make an excellent talking point in those awkward situations when there’s nothing else to say.

Want to get the conversation flowing? Give them something to talk about with a favorite statement necklace from Sylca. What is not to love?



Til next time, friends!


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The Little White Dress



So maybe you have the infamous little black dress… but have you invested in a little white dress? White is all the rage this summer, and what a refreshing switch! We just love how a blank slate allows your natural features to shine.

To add a pop of color to your NEW white dress, match it up with this Sylca Designs dazzler — handcrafted, chic, and lightweight! This wood necklace provides a wine dreamy color, and the adjustable cord makes it fun to wear at any length.

Now that we’ve mentioned it, you’ll discover these sexy white dresses everywhere from the internet to the sales racks. Go find one: You’ll lose count of the number of compliments you receive!

For more fun fashion tips like this one, as well as exclusive updates about new Sylca collections and promotions, sign up here to become a Sycla Fashionista

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Pretty in Pink




I don’t usually love pink, but when I saw this dress I couldn’t resist. But let’s be brutally honest… they didn’t have my size in black 🙁 With that being said every time I put this on I get a million compliments. Is it because I actually look good or maybe my friends are just happy to see me in something different than black?

I paired this pink dress with our handcrafted circle necklace that doubles as a bangle, and the sparkle orange-pink leather bracelet that has a magnetic closure which makes it optimal to wear when you don’t have someone around to help you put it on.

We hope you love our outfit of the day!


Sylvia & Camila



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Off the shoulder bodysuit – Outfit inspiration




We absolutely love the new off the shoulder trend and the bodysuit trend, but if you pair them together we are enamored!!! Body suits make you look thinner and hide imperfections which it’s a huge plus for me. I paired the shirt with high-waist pants in army green with tons of pockets 🙂 who doesn’t love extra pockets. To accessorize this outfit I added a Sylca Designs Army Green Statement Necklace the necklace matches my pants which makes this outfit even better. Pair this with flats for a casual day with your friends or wear heals for a romantic date with your significant other.

You can watch our video on youtube that shows the complete outfit.