New Mexico Balloon Festival

The Santa Fe Ballon Fiesta!

The fiesta takes advantage of New Mexico’s “ballon box”, a unique weather phenomenon referring to the wind coming from both the north and the south, for an amazing balloon experience, unparalleled anywhere else.

new mexico balloon festival

The fiesta features many events from the special shape balloons to the night magic glow that you simply can’t miss. It is known as the largest hot air balloon festival in the world!

Put hundreds of giant brightly colored hot air balloons in the same place on a perfect October day, and have them rise all at once into New Mexico’s beautiful blue sky, and you have one of the man-made wonders of the world. This is why you will not want to miss out on all the fun and activities.

So for a fashionista like myself the big question is what do you wear to an event like this? The words comfort chic come to mind! Of course I want to look cute, but I also want to stay comfy because when you are outside all day walk around comfort is key!

Iw ore all black (what a surprise) paired with a multi-layer statement necklace, and a cute jacket that has little on the sleeves for an extra wow effect.

Sylca at New Mexico Balloon Festival

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