Traveling in style!

travel in style
There is no such thing as “traveling light” these days… between outfits, shoes, accessories, and electronics, packing seems to be more tedious than exciting for upcoming trips.
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Our necklaces are lightweight and versatile; two important characteristics when trying to pack for a trip right? Easy to pack and go with every outfit!
Well a few weeks ago, Camila took a trip to New York to visit some friends and she sent us these pictures!
How good does she look sporting our Geometry-Inspired Multicolored Necklace?
How do you accessorize while traveling?

One thought on “Traveling in style!

  1. Madison Lane says:

    This black outfit is so beautiful I wish I could have one 🙂 being a teenager I am always looking for something new to wear & my friends get jealous of me when I’m wearing new outfit or trying new fashion, I want to appreciate you for sharing as this article is very helpful, Keep updating 🙂

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