Suso Monastery

Our newest collection was inspired by the Suso Monastery in La Rioja Spain. It is most known for being the birthplace where the Spanish language was born, but we like to think of it as the birthplace where our newest collection was born!

La Rioja is not only home to the Suso Monastery but also a well know wine region in Spain, which to be honest was our main reason we were visiting. We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the bodega, or winery as we call it, tasting and learning about the many wines they made. While there, it was recommended to visit the Suso Monastery. Being that it was only about an hour away, we decided to go and we’re happy we did!

The Suso Monastery was a hidden gem we stumbled upon which then ended up to be so much more for us. The birth of our new collection! As we toured, we were immediately drawn to the colors and textures of the monastery’s architecture. The beautiful natural rock all throughout is the color palate we used for the collection. It’s definitely a palate that can be worn all year round!

Which piece is your favorite from the new collection?


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