Mothers Day Cocktail

Mothers Day Cocktail

When we think of Mother’s Day a few things come to mind… Springtime, Brunch, and Cocktails!

So, what better way to celebrate mom than with a fun cocktail? Now that the weather seems to finally be getting nicer, we came up with a fun fruity cocktail to serve to mom on mother’s day; perhaps even with breakfast in bed? (hint hint)

Our ‘Mama Mango Tango’ (say that 3 times fast) is easy, refreshing and only takes 2 ingredients!

Mangos are a popular fruit in Colombia, and one of our favorite, so it was an easy choice for us, but you can use any fruit puree you like!

Mama Mango Tango –

3 Ripe Mangos
1 Bottle of Wine (we chose a red but you can do this with white or champagne)
Champagne or Wine glasses for serving

To start, peel and cut the mangos. Add the mango to the blender, keeping some aside for garnish at the end.

Blend until smooth. (You may need to add a drop or 2 of water depending on the consistency you like)

Spoon mango puree into bottom of the glass and top with wine. Top with extra mango.

Lastly, and most importantly – Drink and Enjoy!

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