Weekly Favorites Recap

We kept it simple this week with neutrals, which in my opinion, you can never go wrong with…

Our Beaded Sienna Necklace was an easy choice when we decided to keep this look simple. This necklace is a staple in our closet because of how versatile it is! It actually comes double stranded at about 60″ long so we always double it up to created a shorter, 4 strand necklace! If you like an even chunkier look, you can triple it up and created more of a chunky choker look! Another look we love to do with this necklace is to tie it into a loose not for a lariat look. See how fun this necklace is? Let us know if you find any other ways to wear it!

We also chose our Gold Sloan Necklace to give our outfit a more dressier look. Being that this pendant is on the larger side, it really makes a statement against a plain top. my favorite part about this necklace is that the pendant is made up of broken shell which gives it the shiny, iridescent look!

Both of these necklaces were the perfect choices for a loose fitting tan top, and flowy black crop pants. We love the “less is more” look of this whole outfit!

What do you think? As always, show us how you style Sylca using #mysylcastory !



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