Weekly Favorites

We’re so excited to show you some brand new styles this week! Not only are they from our newest collection, but we also went a slightly different route with these pieces as we usually do. Did you notice the chain? Typically our necklaces hang on cord either plain or beaded, but we wanted to try something new… we went with a copper chain for some of our collection!

We chose a casual outfit this week to pair with our chain because we thought it would make it stand out and show you how it could dress up any outfit – even something super casual as Gina is wearing! The first necklace is our Grace necklace in blush. We liked how the color blended with the top but also still stood out around the neckline. It gave a casual outfit a subtle statement! We paired it with the matching blush Amelia bracelet for an added accent.

Next we chose our geometric Cadence necklace in grey. This is a fun pendant that looks like a wearable piece of art, and we love how the grey pops against the light pink shirt. Again, the dainty copper chain helps “dress up” the outfit a little. We also chose the matching grey Amelia bracelet to pair with this necklace.

We love this casual look and how is shows how easy it is to add a little flare to an every day outfit with our statement jewelry!

Do you like the new styles and look of the copper chain?


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