Sylca Styles: One outfit, two looks!

Something as simple as jewelry can really give your outfit a whole new look. Today, we show you two different looks with one outfit and how the way we accessorized made this outfit look different with each.

We took a simple long black tunic and jeans and kept it casual with a pair of sneakers. We wanted to keep it casual but add some flair, so we took chose to wear our black and white Harlow necklace and matching Amelia bracelets, and simple black beaded earrings. We love how the white and grey beads on the necklace stand out against the black tunic, yet keep the look simple and casual. Perfect for an afternoon of lunch and running errands!

We then kept the same long black tunic and jeans, and paired them with a cute pair of heels to dress it up a little. To add to the dressed up look we paired our red multi-strand resin necklace and black and red geometric bracelet together. The glossy finish on both pieces contributes to the dressy look. This would be a perfect outfit to meet some friends at happy hour in!

We love that we can take the same old clothes we have in our closet and take different pieces of jewelry to give it a different look every time! It makes us feel like we have a new outfit each time we wear it!

What staple piece to do always wear and how do you change up the look each time you wear it?


If you like the jewelry from this post you can find it here:

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