Weekly Favorites

This week we wanted to show you our frosted pieces from our new collection! We have multiple frosted pieces to choose from, but today we’re showcasing two styles for you to see how fun and easy they are to wear!

Our Taylor necklace, or as I like to call it, our bubble necklace, features frosted bubble like beads in different sizes, and scattered on a black adjustable cord. This necklace is fun and easy to wear! The frosted beads really stand out against dark clothing, like the black shirt we paired it with. The “bubbles” are a conversation starter for sure!

To keep with the theme, our Teegan pendant necklace is another fun frosted piece! This style is more of a pendant, featuring larger geometric beads almost in the shape of a flower. Again, being that the beads are frosted, pairing it with dark colored clothing works well. You can also try pairing with patterned clothing so that the clear beads pick up the different colors and patterns!

Both styles were paired with our wood and frosted dangle earrings.

If you like what you see here, head on over to our website for even more fun frosted styles! Which one is your favorite?


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