Weekly Favorites

Are you afraid to wear color in the fall? Don’t be!

Everyone automatically associates color with the warmer months, spring and summer, and darker colors with fall and winter. While that is true, that doesn’t mean you CAN’T wear color any time of the year!

In our weekly favorites, Gina shows you how! She paired a muted purple long sleeve top, jeans, and cute slip on sneakers with our multi color Leilani necklace and Azalea necklace. Both feature the same multi color wooden beads wrapped with colorful string around each bead! The Leilani necklace is longer, where as the Azalea necklace is shorter, but both offer the same pop of color!

Throw on a light jacket if need be, maybe a pair of booties if you’re meeting up with friends, but either way you have the perfect fall look with color! What do you think?

The cooler months don’t have to be blah and boring! Show us how you add some color to your fall wardrobe!


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