How to wear statement jewelry 101

A few years ago we did a blog on how to wear statement jewelry. Well, as with anything, things change as time goes on so we wanted to do a revamp of that post today! Wearing statement jewelry can be scary at first, but once you jump in, you’ll realize how easy it is! There is no right or wrong to how you wear it, but if you’re just getting started here are a few tips… ·         Feel confident and empowered. That’s our motto. We want you to feel empowered to choose a fun necklace and/or bracelet and feel confident when wearing it! We like to think of our statement jewelry as conversation starters. We want people to come up to you and say “wow, I love your necklace!” This in turn makes you feel confident in your own skin! ·         Don’t be afraid to wear color! We’re carrying this over from our last post because it still stands true today. If you lay out necklaces in different colors such as, teal, grey, pink, and yellow, I know for a fact most people will probably choose grey. Why? It is the most neutral and the least intimidating option. Stop thinking like that! Don’t be afraid to wear some color and stand out! ·         You can pattern mix. Just because you may be wearing a blouse or dress with a busy pattern doesn’t mean you still can’t add in some statement jewelry. Pick a necklace with coordinating colors but something that still stands out. If you’re still unsure, pair your outfit with some statement earrings and a coordinating bracelet instead. ·         Lastly, be comfortable! We want you to be comfortable with your decisions on how you wear your statement jewelry so you wear it confidently!   We love to see how you choose to wear Sylca! Send us your pictures or use #mysylcastory! XOXO Camila

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