Sylca Styles: Orange Trends

Orange is making a comeback; it may not be the new black, but it sure will make a statement!

Honestly, if you think about it, orange is an all-year-round color. It is perfect for sunny days in the summer, and pairs well with neutral colors in the fall! The versatile color compliments earthy browns, blacks, grays, and creams, which we all have in our closets already!

We put together a few outfits featuring orange to show you how easy it is to add orange into your every day wardrobe!



Which style do you like best?

Head over to our website to shop all our orange jewelry! Tag us in #mysylcastory and show us how you styled your orange!

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2 thoughts on “Sylca Styles: Orange Trends

  1. Patricia Sherman says:

    I love your designs. All of them are simply beautiful, however, they’re all so big the size takes away from the beauty and craftsmanship. You definitely have a good idea with your designs, but it would be great if you would create a second company with much smaller repeats of what your doing with this company now. Personally, I think you would do extremely well and I know for sure I would buy from you if the designs were smaller. So would many of the people I know.
    Another very, very beneficial thing is to have your designs modeled on even a doll or dummy so that we can actually get an idea of what the piece will look like on us!! Live models are expensive probably, so using a dummy bodice/neckline would really help and cost nothing.
    Thank you and hope you consider my suggestions.

    • Camila says:

      Hi Patricia!
      Thank you so much for the comments. We love all the feedback we can get. As to doing the same designs in a smaller scale. I think you are correct we would have to start a new company targeting a completely different clientele, because whenever we do smaller designs for Sylca our customers don’t like them! They want BIG and BOLD. As to the necklaces on models or dummies. We do try and have all of our pieces modeled. Some we still don’t have those pictures, but the majority of our necklaces have a picture with someone wearing the necklace. Again thank you so much and we will work on getting all the items photographed on models or dummies. We will see how possible it would be to start a business with smaller more dainty pieces!

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