The Forest and Desert Collection

When we are going to select a new collection, we always keep in mind that a necklace and earrings must be something that make you feel great when you wear it! So, what makes us feel good? A unique designed piece with color that complements our outfit and makes us stand out! Designing a new collection can be a little complex; each year we need new inspiration to bring new designs, new colors, and new materials, all while keeping in mind that all our necklaces have to be light weight and easy to wear. What to we do for inspiration? Since we produce our jewelry in the Philippines; a long trip from US; each trip there we also try to select a new place to visit to get to know a new culture, new ways to live, and for inspiration of course! This year we selected Bali, an amazing colorful destination featuring greens, golds, browns, reds, and blues. Very nature inspired and how we came up with our Forest and Desert collections! We also loved how Bali is big on yoga and it really made us appreciate taking time out to relax more! To keep up with the latest collections, make sure you sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of our webpage! XOXO Camila

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