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Fashion doesn’t have an age!

If you’ve recently watched our latest weekly video, Sylvia nailed it on the head when she talks about age and fashion!

We truly believe when it comes to fashion, age does not matter! As you get older it’s still important to stay on trend and continue to feel good about yourself.

Dressing for your age is important but it doesn’t have to be boring. If you notice, the older we get, the more boring the clothes get.. am I right? BUT it doesn’t have to be! By wearing statement accessories you can completely change the outfit and your look!

Whether it be a statement necklace, or a fun scarf, adding statement pieces to your outfit will make you stand out and feel confident! You can still wear clothes fit for your age, but stay on trend too!

What do you think of Sylvia’s look? A simple black blouse, with a pair of grey pants is turned into a fashionable outfit with our Sasha necklace and bracelet!


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The Forest and Desert Collection

When we are going to select a new collection, we always keep in mind that a necklace and earrings must be something that make you feel great when you wear it! So, what makes us feel good? A unique designed piece with color that complements our outfit and makes us stand out!

Designing a new collection can be a little complex; each year we need new inspiration to bring new designs, new colors, and new materials, all while keeping in mind that all our necklaces have to be light weight and easy to wear.

What to we do for inspiration? Since we produce our jewelry in the Philippines; a long trip from US; each trip there we also try to select a new place to visit to get to know a new culture, new ways to live, and for inspiration of course!

This year we selected Bali, an amazing colorful destination featuring greens, golds, browns, reds, and blues. Very nature inspired and how we came up with our Forest and Desert collections! We also loved how Bali is big on yoga and it really made us appreciate taking time out to relax more!

To keep up with the latest collections, make sure you sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of our webpage!


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Weekly Favorite: Our Azalea Necklace

Remember our Azalea necklace? It has always been a customer favorite; round wooden beads that are layered together and complemented by a thread that wraps around the bead. Super lightweight and super versatile! It comes in multiple colorways, and we just added a few more! You can check all the colors out here: 

Below, Gina is wearing the Desert Azalea necklace. She paired it with a simple black maxi for an effortless look. The necklace hangs on an adjustable cord to wear at the length you prefer, but we love how Gina wore it short enough to outline the v neck, embellishing the neckline. You could easily throw on a cute jacket and heels and dress this look up, or keep it as it for a casual day time look!

What do you think about our weekly favorite and outfit inspiration? Which color Azalea necklace is your favorite?


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Behind the Collections!

Black, white, and red, oh my! This collection comes together with a mix of simple solid beads, and fun black and white striped beads. Each piece is accented with a red bead to give the collection a sophisticated look. This color combination is a “must have” for your collection! Whether a day in the office, or a night out with friends, you can’t go wrong with one of these pieces! We like to pair these pieces with a moto jacket for an edgy look!

Orange you glad we made this collection? We are too! When we see orange we think of joy, sunshine, and the tropics and wanted this collection to give off warm summer vibes and happy thoughts! The mix of orange hues used throughout this collection adds a little sunshine to every outfit! Make your day brighter by pairing pieces from this collection with a flowy dress or plain white top. 

Our multi-color collection is definitely a favorite as these statement pieces literally go with anything since they consist of every color of the rainbow! If you are new to statement jewelry or a veteran building your collection, multi-color is for you! Pair the multi-color with casual jeans and tee or a fun dress, anything you choose the multi-color will be sure to stand out!

Still not sure what to pair these pieces with? The answer is everything! The best part of these collections is how versatile they are! Always keep a lookout for our weekly videos and outfit inspirations for more ideas! 

To Shop these collections and more visit


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Staple Pieces: 1 dress, 3 outfits!

How many times do you go to get dressed and you just think “ugh”? Its easy to get sick of your clothes, especially the ones you wear every day. We can help you with this!

Let’s start with staple pieces; owning a few staple pieces such as a good pair of jeans, a cute black dress, a fun kimono or cardigan, all help keep your wardrobe fresh. Having staple pieces that you can mix and match makes it easy to get dressed and feel like you have a different outfit ever day without feeling like you are constantly wearing the same thing again and again.

Once you have the staple pieces you love, pair them with some fun statement jewelry and you’ll have endless outfits that fill your wardrobe!

Sylvia shows us just how easy it is to do this! She is wearing her favorite little black dress and adding different accessories to turn one dress into three outfits!

What do you think? Which look is your favorite?


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Trend Alert: Athleisure Wear

Athleisure; a fashion industry movement which allows sportswear to be more versatile, comfortable, and fashionable.

You’ve probably hopped on the athleisure trend train already and don’t even realize it! Your closet is probably full of it, and you most likely wear it more often than you think. Skinny jogger pants and flowy tees, or a wrap sweater and slip-ons, yoga pants and bomber jacket…

Whether running a few errands, or grabbing lunch with your girlfriends, athleisure wear and statement jewelry is the perfect combination to bring your outfit from day to night!

Below, Sylvia is wearing yoga pants (who would have guessed) and a cute flowy blouse. She added our chunky Sasha bracelet and our Iris earrings. What do you think of her cute and comfy athleisure look?

Show us your athleisure wear fashion! Tag us using #mysylcastory


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Spring 2019 Collection!

Do you ever wonder where our fun and unique designs come from year after year?

Now that were well into the new year with our new spring collection, we wanted to take some time to share with you how this collection came about!

We are constantly being inspired by the world around us. Our designs are created using every day materials such as wood and resin, combined with simple geometric shapes, and painted in bold colors. We then piece different combinations together to create our designs!

For this collection specifically, we focused on color! We wanted this collection to be bold! We used bright, vibrant colors such as blues, pinks, limes, yellow, and oranges. We wanted our jewelry to pop as statement jewelry should! Our goal is for you to feel fashionable and inspired when wearing our jewelry!

We’ve included a sneak peek below of some of our favorite pieces! You can also check out the entire collection here.

Shop our full collection

Let us know what your favorites are! If you have any of our pieces, be sure to tag us on social media using #mysylcastory so we can see how you love to style Sylca!

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Sylca Styles: Scarves

Now that the cold weather is creeping in, lets talk about scarves! Scarves are one of those accessories that never go out of style. Year after year they still are the perfect addition to any outfit. Scarves can actually be worn almost any time of the year to jazz up your outfit, but they are especially great during the colder seasons! Not only do they look cute with an outfit, but they keep you warm too!

Also, now that the holiday season is upon us as well, scarves make a great gift! Scarves can pretty much be paired with any outfit, so regardless of personal style, a scarf makes a great gift! If you’re not sure what to get someone, pick out a cute scarf, maybe pair it with some statement earrings, and a lip gloss, and viola! You have the perfect gift!

What are some of your favorite ways to wear scarves? Show us using #mysylcastory


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Sylca Styles: Gift Sets

Are you ever looking for that special gift, but stuck on what to get? You need the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, a fun gift for your best friends birthday, a trendy gift for your sister’s promotion; the list goes on and on..

Well, we’ve got you covered! Gift sets make the perfect gift for any occasion! You’ve most likely seen them trending online when your googling for that perfect gift. (We’ve all been there) They are a fun idea for gift giving and there’s literally something for everyone!

For the upcoming holiday season, we put together some jewelry gift sets that we think you’ll love! The sets will include coordinating pieces from our handcrafted collections at a special bundled price!

Below are some of the sets we will offer, so start making a list of all the people you think will love our unique and handcrafted gift sets this season! (go ahead send a little hint to that special someone we won’t judge)



Which ones are already on your wish list?


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Sylca Styles: Orange Trends

Orange is making a comeback; it may not be the new black, but it sure will make a statement!

Honestly, if you think about it, orange is an all-year-round color. It is perfect for sunny days in the summer, and pairs well with neutral colors in the fall! The versatile color compliments earthy browns, blacks, grays, and creams, which we all have in our closets already!

We put together a few outfits featuring orange to show you how easy it is to add orange into your every day wardrobe!



Which style do you like best?

Head over to our website to shop all our orange jewelry! Tag us in #mysylcastory and show us how you styled your orange!

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