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The Right Top For Mid-Length and Long Statement Necklaces

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Today we are talking about mid-length and long statement necklace. How to best wear these beauties.

Mid-length necklaces are extremely versatile and best complement V-necks, square necks, halter tops, and off-the-shoulder shirts. Necklaces featuring slight or dramatic angles are great for V-necks and square-necked shirts. Try this White and Grey Statement Necklace with a teal shirt for a fun look or a white top of a minimalist look!

Long statement necklaces pair well with turtlenecks and other high-necked shirts as well as boat necks. This Cream Handcrafted Link Necklace is a neutral but textured piece that would look great with any color turtleneck or high-necked shirt. Finally, a boat neck’s elongated neckline is nicely offset with the circular beads – such as the ones featured in this Handmade Multi-Strand Orange Necklace.

So go right ahead and take an inventory of your wardrobe and determine which necklines make up the majority of your most-worn shirts. Using the suggestions in the past couple blog posts, invest in a statement necklace best suited for your current wardrobe and see how many new looks you can create. Remember statement jewelry doesn’t need to be intimidating!


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  1. I like your mentioning the long necklace with turtleneck look. I think with the cool weather it is a great way to stay warm and fashionable. Ultimately having a variety of necklaces is a great way to incorporate accessories into your wardrobe.

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